Q: 免费帐户可以添加几个解析域名?
A: 免费帐户可以添加3个域名
Q: ClouDNS对域名的DNS查询次数有没有限制
A: 没有限制!
Q: 如果我的商业帐户过期怎么办?
A: 您的域名仍然解析有效,所不同的是您只能添加3个域名,还有其他仅对商业用户开放的服务将不能继续使用了.
Q: 我是否可以只在域名服务商那边添加两台ClouDNS的DNS服务器?
A: 可以.
Q: DNS查询统计有什么用处
A: DNS查询统计可以帮助您了解、分析每个时期有多少用户发送请求访问您的网站.
Q: 为什么我看不到按小时统计的DNS查询次数?
A: 这个服务仅对商业用户开放.
Q: 我如何创建一个商业帐户?
A: 请点击这里: https://asia.cloudns.net/premium/.
Q: 我通过Paypal已经付款,为何帐户却没有更新为商业帐户?
A: 如果您付款后1-2个小时内帐户仍然没有更新,请与我们联系: support@cloudns.net
Q: What is "DNS branding"?
A: Our DNS servers are ns1.cloudns.net. ns2.*, ns3.* and etc. DNS branding allows you to put our ip addresses on your domain (eg ns1.yourdomain.com, ns2.yourdomain.com etc.) and so our servers look like yours.
Q: What is "Cloud domains"?
A: With the "Cloud domains" feature you can create a cloud of domains with the same records.
Q: Do you offer dynamic DNS and how to use it?
A: On every A and AAAA record you will see an icon with two arrows. When you click on them you will see the DynamicURL for this record. Every time you open this URL the record will be changed to the IP address of the computer the URL is opened from. On this window you will see options to open this URL with wget, php and perl scripts automatically.
Q: Is it possible to forward a mail to multiple recipients?
A: Yes, it's possible. Just add two or more mail forwards for the same mail box pointed to different recipients.
Q: Some of my mails sent to Gmail accounts are blocked by Gmail and some are not. What should I do?
A: Google recommends to create an SPF/TXT record pointed to "v=spf1 include:_spf.google.com ~all".
Q: Do you support DNSSEC?
A: Yes, we support it for Slave/Backup/Secondary DNS zones.
Q: What is ALIAS record?
A: ALIAS is a internal record type for our system, which needs to be pointed to a hostname, it works like the CNAME record, but can be created for the root domain as well.
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