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Đánh giá:
Amazing, reliable, fast, feature-rich service. I love your API.

I love it so much, I have a project to interact with it from the shell.


Keep up the good work :)

Toki Winter
Đánh giá:
Very best service, beautiful control panel, 100% uptime and low cost.
Vadim Mikheev
Đánh giá:
I am so very happy with your company. You are truly the BEST DNS provider on the Internet. Your customer support, pricing, and features are top notch.
Christopher Nofal, Manager @ DreamLab LLC
Đánh giá:
You guys have a great service for a very fair price.
Andre Almeida, NOC @ Bnet
Đánh giá:
I've recently found out about CloudDNS and will be using it on all of my clients domains to keep their detached services running smoothly. The interface seems very user friendly and easy to use, on first impressions it looks great.
Jonny Jordan, Web Designer @ Jonny Jordan Web Design
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