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Vladimir helped me on a support chat. Simply superb service! Enough to make me go out of my way to ask him how I could let management know how highly I feel about his help. He needs a raise. Uncommon to see that level of dedication to help!
Michael Crawford, AWS Solution Architect @ DXC Technology
Đánh giá:
Quick, specific answers! Well done!
Great team!
Ustas Alex
Đánh giá:
so good and reponsive
Đánh giá:
Great service, quick and prompt. excellent agent Thank you!
Tudor Sarcau
Đánh giá:
I am just amazed at how awesome your platform is. We were so limited in the functionality using Edgecast/Verizon, and the price was through the roof. ClouDNS is the most fully featured, fast platform we've ever used. Keep it up! Hopefully DNSSEC soon? :)
D Brown @ Second Street
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