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We have been using cloudns for almost 7 years. Since then, there has been a tremendous improvement on this site. Fast, reliable, very good support leads up us to recommend to all friends and colleagues to use cloudns.
Mojtaba Sadeh , Yaraholding IT Manager
Mojtaba Sadeh, IT Manager @ Yara Information Technology
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Your customer service is at the top of my list, keep up the good work!
Sami Sälö, Chairman of the Board @ Salskea Oy
Đánh giá:
I'm also a long time system admin, unfortunately with much less free time for personal and private projects these days. Very good example for this would be thing like, still completely maintaining my own DNS infrastructure.
ClouDNS really saved me around 5 years back, making my DNS management needs a breeze!

I want also thank for your exemplary customer support. And for all the rest your efforts to satisfy ever increasing need for affordable, global and simple, yet versatile DNS service offerings.

Thank you ClouDNS crew!
Antti Lipponen
Đánh giá:
Vladimir helped me on a support chat. Simply superb service! Enough to make me go out of my way to ask him how I could let management know how highly I feel about his help. He needs a raise. Uncommon to see that level of dedication to help!
Michael Crawford, AWS Solution Architect @ DXC Technology
Đánh giá:
Quick, specific answers! Well done!
Great team!
Ustas Alex
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