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Đánh giá:
Great service, quick and prompt. excellent agent Thank you!
Tudor Sarcau
Đánh giá:
I am just amazed at how awesome your platform is. We were so limited in the functionality using Edgecast/Verizon, and the price was through the roof. ClouDNS is the most fully featured, fast platform we've ever used. Keep it up! Hopefully DNSSEC soon? :)
D Brown @ Second Street
Đánh giá:
We had a serious attack on our servers, what we did was search on Google about top 10 DNS services and ClouDNS was top of my list in price and services.
In a Very short time, we changed our NS and move all our traffic to ClouDNS.
Thanks to all Team for this Grate Services they are working on
SAEED BEIGI RIZI, Founder & CEO @ Dr.Link Technology
Đánh giá:
I am a professional Sr Linux System Admin, so I know how hard it is to keep Internet services up and support them. I really appreciate everyone at for all their hard work, because I've been using them for several months for my domains, and I really like the simple and elegant UI, the reliability of the service, and the quick responses from their support staff. You guys are great! Keep up the good work!

Patrick Wolfe
Đánh giá:
I have been using ClouDNS since 2014, and I have to say they are a truly amazing DNS company. The service they have provided to me and my clients has been second to none.

They offer really good value services especially the DDoS subscriptions which I highly recommend.

They are also working with the latest trends in technology introducing features such as DDoS, DNS Notification/Failover, Records such as CAA, and a fantastic API.

Whenever I have needed support staff have been their extremely quickly. The staff are really friendly and helpful also!

Thanks everyone at ClouDNS for all your hard work! I look to using your service for more years to come!

Best regards,
Daniel Ives, CEO @ Ives Network t/a Daniel Ives
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