Master DNS Zone

Master (Primary DNS) Zone

The Master Zone in the DNS server is the read or write copy of the DNS database. This means that whenever a new DNS record is added to the DNS database either automatically or manually, it is actually written in the master zone of the DNS server. The records in the Master zone can be managed only from our interface.

How to add Master Zone in ClouDNS?
Login in your account, click on the DNS zones [Add new] link, click on the Master zone box, enter the domain name (without www or http://) and click on the create button. You may want to choose only the servers you will add to the domain registrar or leave them all checked. You will be forwarded to the Records page of the DNS zone of your domain, there you will be able to add the records you need.

How to add Master DNS Zone in ClouDNS - Step by Step:

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