100% DNS Availability

The traditional DNS service providers manage multiple servers with unique IP addresses and physical locations. When one DNS server is down, it cannot be reached by the visitors and they are getting large timeouts (few seconds). ClouDNS operates own Anycast DNS network over 27 data centers located in multiple continents around the world. Forget about downtime and performance issues - our Anycast network has multiple geographically dispersed servers that reroute traffic from any POPs when there are issues that impair performance. Our goal is to provide the highest SLA when possible. The Enterprise DNS provided by us is covered by 10,000% SLA.

Millions of DNS queries per month

Most of the Managed DNS providers bill their customers based on the processed DNS queries per month. Lower TTL, marketing campaigns, spam or other type of DNS floods can generate thousands of dollars for DNS queries at the end of the month or even your domain name can stop working, because reached monthly limit of DNS queries.

Our Enterprise DNS network is designed to process millions of queries each second. Our pricing model is not based on query billing. You will be never billed for your peaks and your domain names will never stop working, because of DNS query limits. You will not be billed for any type of DNS query floods.

Thousands of DNS records

Our Build-In DNS management system is designed to operate with large amount of DNS records. We are helping to multiple Internet Service Providers to manage large IPv6 Reverse DNS zones with over 100,000 DNS records into a single DNS zone. Our clients are large Anti-Spam organizations with DNS-based Black Lists with over 300,000 DNS records.

Instant DNS propagation

Our Managed DNS service operates under self-developed system with instant DNS propagation over all data centers included in our network. The web-based control panel allows our customers to monitor the propagation over all data centers in real-time. You can check anytime for any of your domain names what is the update status for each data center. In combination with low TTL values (as low as 1 minute) our customers can deploy any changes faster without any downtime.

Protected from DNS-based DDoS attacks

There are many Managed DNS providers at the market that can provide a DNS service with good quality and speed, but it is not the same when we talk about DDoS attacks, especially DNS-based attacks like large query floods. Most of the Managed DNS providers (including industry leaders) do not provide any type of DDoS Protection, some of them has DDoS Protection, but it is only for volumetric - bandwidth based attacks, but nobody offers DDoS Protection for DNS query floods.

The DNS service is UDP-based service. There is no problem large amount of DNS requests to be send from random IP addresses to the DNS servers that manages the attacked domain name. The DNS query flood attacks are based on large amount of DNS requests for a single domain name. Most of the managed DNS providers fails and block the attacked domain name on their network. Our self-developed protection for DNS-based attacks is designed to mitigate any type of such attacks.

DNS designed for maximum speed

The traditional unicast DNS network configuration includes two or more DNS servers with unique IP addresses and physical location. For an example most of the DNS providers on the market provide two or four name servers located in United States and Europe, but there is no guarantee that the web site visitors and their DNS resolvers from United States will be connected to the US servers and these from Europe to the EU server. If a visitor from United States is connected to the EU server, the speed will be over 150ms for a single query, it is the same if the visitor from Europe connects to the US server.

ClouDNS provides Enterprise DNS service over Anycast DNS network, where the one DNS server with the same IP address is distributed over multiple data centers around the world. The visitor of your web site or the DNS resolver of his Internet Provider will be connected to the closest data center. Our Anycast Network provides best possible speed from any location in the world.

White-label DNS service and dedicated IP addresses

We are DNS infrastructure provider. Most of our enterprise customers are telecom and internet providers, data centers, hosting providers and web studios. One of our key features is the option to provide to our customers full white-label DNS service with dedicated IP addresses with their own reverse records (PTRs). The dedicated IP addresses allow to our customers to provide transparent DNS service to their clients under their own brand and domain name.

24/7 Support

No matter what day, no matter when, we provide continuous, uninterrupted network monitoring and support. Our Technical Support team is online for you 24/7 by live chat and tickets. We can migrate your zones for free, read more here.

Get a quote

You can check our Premium DNS and DDoS Protected DNS hosting plans for a ready to use DNS hosting packages or you can write us at sales@cloudns.net to get a quote for a custom Enterprise DNS configuration.

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