Affiliate program

We'll provide you with a code for a link to add to your site or email. This link will contain your unique ID, and each time someone clicks on your link, signs up and buys premium account or domain, you'll earn money. The program is based on live time revenue share.

Premium accounts

Information for revenue share percents and how it is related with the total number of paid orders.


Information for the amount of your revenue share per bought domain years.
Orders Revenue share
0 - 9 20%
10 - 29 22%
30 - 59 24%
60 - 99 26%
100 - 149 28%
150+ 30%
Bought domain years Revenue share
0 - 9 $0.50
10 - 19 $0.60
20 - 29 $0.70
30 - 39 $0.80
40 - 49 $0.90
50+ $1.00

How to join the program?

Create a free account from here or use your existing account. Your unique link can be found in profile page, sub-menu "Affiliate"

Rules & Conditions

  1. All affiliates must agree to and abide by Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Failure to do so may result in temporary suspension or permanent termination of an account.
  2. Affiliate Program is a revenue sharing program. An affiliate earns money when a registered customer from theirs link pay a purchase for premium account or domain name. Purchases includes registration, renew and transfer of domain names and upgrade or renew of premium account.
  3. Revenues are calculated and add to the balance after each payment.
  4. Balance can be used for paying of orders or can be refunded via PayPal. Refunds are processed once а week.
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