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Happy Holidays with new US POP!


We want to take a moment and thank you for working with us this year.
We’re grateful you’ve chosen us, so we want to give you a present - one more
point of presence (POP) in New York, United States.

ClouDNS now operates 21 Anycast DNS facilities on six continents!

Happy Holidays and warm wishes for 2018!

We have 4 new US POPs + Black Friday Offer


The quest to make our network the best in the world is ever ongoing, and day by day we keep upgrading the service.
We’re pleased to announce that we launched 4 new
points of presence (POPs) in the United States and we now operate 20 Anycast DNS facilities on six continents!

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Control panel update for Reverse DNS zones


We have released an update of our control panel for the Reverse DNS zones. The update includes:

  • Wildcard PTR records - You can create a wildcard PTR record in the reverse DNS zones, both for IPv4 and IPv6
  • NAPTR records for reverse zones - You can manage NAPTR records in the reverse DNS zones, both for IPv4 and IPv6

Please contact our technical support, if you need any other functionality in your ClouDNS control panel.

New POPs - Montreal, Canada and Steenbergen, Netherlands


We regularly upgrade and redesign our network, so we can make it better for you.

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our newest points of presence (POPs) in Montreal, Canada and Steenbergen, Netherlands.


Montreal, Canada

We have successfuly delivered and linked our equipment at the data center eStruxture. The facility is located in the city center of Montreal, Canada. The data center is connected to the major telecom providers in the country. eStruxture data center improves our presence in the country and northeast region of United States.


Steenbergen, Netherlands

We have deployed our network with the provider NForce in the data center Nedzone. This is premium data center located in Steenbergen, Netherlands. The data center is carrier neutral and has connectivity to the major world and European telecom providers and exchanges. Our network partner NForce provided us a big network channel where we are able to deploy our DDoS Protection rules, which improves our whole DDoS Protection capacity. With the Nedzone data center and NForce network we have second connection in Netherlands to the major world Tier 1 providers and the biggest European Internet exchanges like AMSIX and DECIX. Our presence in a second data center in Neterlands improves our network redundancy and scalability in the whole Europe.


We now operate 16 Anycast DNS Data Centers on six continents! Get your 30-day free trial with our Premium DNSDDoS Protected DNS or GeoDNS and try how our anycast network will improve your applications and services.

Blog release


We’re excited to introduce our blog!

Watch this section for lots of great advice, tutorials, articles, and videos about DNS, Domain names, SSL Certificates, and more. This blog is for you, so please comment and share ideas with us regarding what you want to read, learn and discuss on it:

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