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[INACTIVE] Summer Managed DNS Promotion


We are starting this July with a Free Managed DNS Summer Promotion for our new customers!

With the voucher code PREMIUM-SUMMER-2015 you will get 6 months Personal plan with Managed DNS hosting for 40 domain names with unlimited records and 14 DNS servers located in 5 different continents. The regular price for this service is $12.00, but now our new customers can try our Premium DNS service for FREE! The Premium DNS hosting is with included 100% Uptime SLA.
See all advantages of the Premium DNS hosting from here.

With the voucher code DDOS-SUMMER-2015 you will get 6 months DDoS Professional plan with DDoS Protected DNS hosting for 50 domain names with unlimited records and 4 DDoS Protected DNS servers located in Europe and North America. The regular price for this service is $27.00, but now our new customers can try it for FREE! Our DDoS Protected DNS hosting is with included 10Gbps DDoS Protection guarantee with 10,000% Uptime SLA.
See all advantages of the DDoS Protected DNS hosting from here.

The Managed DNS services provided from ClouDNS include extended professional features like Secondary DNS, Reverse DNS, Dynamic DNS, DNS Branding (Vanity DNS), Mail Forwarding, Domain parking, Web Redirects and other.

The promotion is active until the end of August 2015 only for new customers. Only one voucher code can be used per account. The voucher can be used, when you are logged into your account, from the Vouchers page in the Subscriptions menu.

Domain promotions in July
.UNO only for $4.95
.PARTY only for $5.95
.WEBSITE only for $5.95
.CO only for $7.95
.CLUB only for $7.95
.CHRISTMAS only for $9.95
.BLACKFRIDAY only for $10.45
.PRO only for $12.45
.DESIGN only for $19.45
.HOST only for $25.45
List with all domain promotions

Have a question?
Write us at

ClouDNS Sales Team

[INACTIVE] June domain promotions and updates


Dear Customers,

We are starting June with many new features and domain promotions.

Mail forwards

As many of you have already noticed, we have added full SPF and DKIM signatures support to our mail forwarding service. This upgrade helps us to deliver the mails on time without spam filtration and rejections. If you manage your own mail server where the e-mails are forwarded to and want to switch to the old mail forwarding without DKIM signatures, you can use and instead of the standard mail forwarding servers.
Do not hesitate to contact our technical support, if you need any help with the mail forwarding configuration of your DNS zones.


We have added a new feature to our control panel - Notes.
The notes can be added for:

  • Domain names
  • DNS zones
  • DNS records

The feature is not enabled by default. If you wish to use notes, you can enable them from "Web settings" in your profile.

Reseller Tools

HTTP API sub-users - a new feature for the customers with HTTP API access. Now you can create sub-users for HTTP API access. The sub-users can help you to improve your reseller integration via our HTTP API.
Every sub-user:

  • has it's own ID and password key for access to the HTTP API
  • has access to specific DNS zones, not to all DNS zones in your account
  • has limited number of DNS zones and mail forwards
  • can be used for different customers in your system

The HTTP API sub-users can be managed via your control panel or via the HTTP API methods for the main users.

The sub-users work with new HTTP API parameter auth-sub-id, instead of the parameter auth-id for the main users. More information can be found here.

Domain promotions

.biz only for $6.45
.eu only for $5.95
.in only for $5.95
.xxx only for $21.95
.pro only for $12.95
.ws only for $9.95
.us only for $6.45
.me only for $7.95
.asia only for $6.95
.pw only for $5.95
.co only for $11.95
.pink only for $12.95
.red only for $12.95
.shiksha only for $12.95
.kim only for $12.95
.blue only for $12.95
.xyz only for $4.95
.bid only for $21.99
.trade only for $21.99
.webcam only for $21.99
.website only for $9.99
.club only for $7.95
.host only for $25.45
.science only for $5.95
.party only for $21.99
.space only for $4.95

Order from here.

All promotions are active until the end of the month for the first year of new domain registrations.

Thank you for choosing ClouDNS for your Domain names and DNS hosting provider!

ClouDNS Team

Domain reseller options and record templates


Dear Customers,

We have released a major update of our system. It includes two main features:

Domain Reseller HTTP API methods
We have added HTTP API methods for registration, transfer, renewal and management of domain names. Now with this functionality you can integrate domain registrations in your custom selling tools and web sites. All orders submitted via the HTTP API for registration, transfer and renewal of domain names will be executed with funds from your account balance. For our existing customers the option for deposit is added to the page with the Balance history. If you are a new customer and want to make a deposit to your balance, you can write us at

Templates for the most popular third party tools
We have added a new tool in the control panel of the Master DNS zones - Templates. With this tool you can configure your DNS zone faster and easier with third party tools like Gmail, Blogger or Heroku. Currently we support over 30 platforms and tools. Please write us at, if you want other services to be added to the list.

Thank you for the trust to host your domain names with us!

ClouDNS Team

ClouDNS celebrates 5th year!


Dear Customers,

This month we celebrate our 5th birthday! Day after day we are trying to improve our service. Our goal is to provide a great service which gives an opportunity to our customers to grow, because we can grow only if your business grows too! This year we will celebrate our birthday with new amazing promotions and services.


[INACTIVE] Big Birthday Bash -50% for all DNS hosting plans

New Big Birthday Bash Promotion with 50% discount for all existing and new customers for the next 5 days (from Mar 23 to Mar 27) for all Premium and DDoS Protected hosting plans.
Premium hosting plans start from $0.99/month
DDoS Protected hosting plans start from $2.45/month


[INACTIVE] Big Birthday Bash up to -89% for new domain name registrations

.ME for only $34.99 $11.95
.WS for only $19.99 $9.95
.ASIA for only $15.49 $6.95
.BIZ for only $12.49 $6.45
.US for only $10.99 $6.45
.PW for only $9.99 $5.95
.IN for only $11.99 $5.95
.SPACE for only $89.99 $9.99
.GLOBAL for only $79.99 $19.99
.HOST for only $99.99 $44.95
.WEBSITE for only $21.99 $9.99
.XYZ for only $12.99 $4.95
.BID for only $28.99 $21.99
.TRADE for only $28.99 $21.99
.WEBCAM for only $28.99 $21.99

Order from here

The promotion is valid for the first year for a new domain name registration until the end of March.

New Premium DNS location - Brazil!

After a lot of communication and tests we finally found the right place for our services in South America - Brazil! The new servers are available to all our Global Premium customers. Check your control panel and add the new Brazillian server to your domain names. The new location comes without any additional charges and the price of your current DNS hosting plan will not be changed.


New DDoS Protected DNS locations - Canada and France!

We have extended our DDoS Protected DNS service with two new locations, one in North America and one in Europe. The location in North America is Canada and in Europe is France. The new servers locations are available to all our Global DDoS protected customers. Check your control panel and add the new servers to your domain names. The new locations come without any additional charges and the price of your current DNS hosting plan will not be changed.


Private DNS Servers

We can offer to our clients who need full white-label and dedicated DNS, a completely new service, Private DNS Servers. They are with dedicated IP's and hostnames and can be used by hosting companies for complete white-label DNS branding. For the release of the Private DNS servers we give 10% live time discount for all new ordered servers. This promotion is valid until the end of March. The prices start from $19/month for DNS server that can handle over 5,000 domain names and 50 milion DNS requests per day. Check all available locations and configurations here.

For your comfort the Private DNS servers can be used with all currently available DNS servers in your control panel. For example, if you have a StartUP plan with 15 DNS servers, you can add two Private DNS servers and the total DNS servers available for your domain names will be 17.

The Private DNS servers come with unlimited number of DNS zones, records and DNS requests. Everything depends on your DNS settings. For example, for 30,000 DNS zones with 100 records each, we recommend 2CPU cores and 2GB memory, but on the same server configuration can be hosted up to 100,000 DNS zones with 5 or 10 DNS records.

More information for Private DNS servers can be found here.


Thank you for beign our Customer!

ClouDNS Team

Domain parking service


Dear Customers,

Today we release a new service included in all our plans - Domain parking. The parking service allows you to display simple web pages on your domain names. Contact form can be added optionally to the page.

The first version of the service includes four web templates:

  • ClouDNS Affiliate - Simple web page which displays the text "This domain name is registered for one of our clients." and all links on the template point to your ClouDNS Affiliate link. Each new customer registered from your affiliate link will be linked to your account and you will receive lifetime commission for each payment made from this customer.
  • Coming soon - Web page with title and text which you can enter. It can be used for new domain names, where the web sites are not yet released by you.
  • Domain for sale - Template with simple text - is available for sale. It is a great choice with optional contact form, if you have domain names for sale.
  • Simple cloud - Clean template where you can add title and message.

All templates have an optional contact form, which can be enabled, if you want to receive messages from visitors of your parked domain name.

Parked domain zones can be registered the same way as you register the primary or secondary domain zones. With the parked domain zones you are able to:

  • configure title, description, keywords and contact form, which will be displayed on the chosen template
  • add TXT, SPF and MX records, if you need to use e-mail with the domain name
  • manage the SOA settings, if you want to configure custom e-mail or TTLs
  • use Mail forwards, if you don't have mail server, but want to receive e-mails sent to mail boxes with your domain name
  • add Cloud domains, if you need many domain names with the same settings and template
  • use DNS statistics for detailed information on how many DNS requests are sent for your domain name to our DNS servers
  • share the parked zone with your friends or coworkers

Please contact us, if you have any suggestions or recommendations for additional options, which you need for your parked zones.

ClouDNS Team

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