What is DNS A record?

The A Record points your hostname to an IP address. The record A specifies IP address (IPv4) for given host. This is one of the most frequently used records in the DNS Zones.
The DNS A record has the following look in your ClouDNS Control Panel:

Host Type Points to: TTL
hostname.com A ip.of.your.website 1 Hour


How to add it? 

Go to your Control Panel and click on “Add new record”. Type, as follow:
Type: A
TTL: 1 Hour
Points to: ip.of.your.website


Support of A records

ClouDNS provides full support for A records for all our dns services including:


How to start managing A records for your domain name?

  1. Open free account from here - free forever
  2. Verify your e-mail address
  3. Log into your control panel
  4. Create new Master DNS from the [add new] button - read more here
  5. Add the A records you need as it is described in this article


How to add an A record - Step by Step video:

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