What is NS Record?

The NS records identify the name servers, responsible for your DNS zone. In order to have a valid DNS configuration, the NS records configured in the DNS zone must be exactly the same as these configured as name servers at your domain name provider.

The NS record has the following look in your ClouDNS Control Panel:

Host: Type: Points to: TTL
hostname.com NS ns1.cloudns.net* 1 Hour


How to add it?

Go to your Control Panel and click on “Add new record”. Type, as follow:
Type: NS
Points to: ns1.cloudns.net*

The host field can be empty or @. Both will work in the same way.

*You can check and use the available name servers for you at the right side of your Dashboard.


How to start managing NS records with ClouDNS?

  1. Open free account from here - free forever
  2. Verify your e-mail address
  3. Log into your control panel
  4. Create new Master DNS from the [add new] button - read more here
  5. Add or modify the NS records you need as it is described in this article

How to add NS records - Step by Step video:

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