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Dedicated IPs

What is a Dedicated IP Address?

When you order a specific product at ClouDNS, you gain access to different name servers. Most of them are part of our Anycast network, except for Private DNS products. These name servers have shared IP addresses and are used by many customers. If you would like to have your own DNS server, like Private DNS, you will not have access to our Anycast network. This is why we have created Dedicated IP addon. This way, you can have any subscription that is using our Anycast network combined with Dedicated IP addresses, PTR records and custom names.

How to use Dedicated IP DNS?

Name servers with Dedicated IP addresses are used for a full white-label (Vanity DNS) service, with custom server names and PTR records and only your DNS zones will be using these IP addresses. Once activated, you can use them as any other name servers.

How to order?

Dedicated IP addresses are Addon to our Premium DNSDDoS Protected DNS and GeoDNS subscriptions. Once you have an active Premium, DDoS Protected or GeoDNS subscription at ClouDNS, please contact us for further assistance.

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